Student in tech? Join us for 3 days in Amsterdam
 Attend eWeek, meet the local tech scene and connect with your peers for only €35


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Next Gen is a young talent track that takes place during eWeek 2017 - a week-long marketing & tech festival. 
We all know that big and well-known tech events are educational, inspiring and a lot of fun, but... 
they can be quite pricey for young talent. 

We want to change that.

We invite you, tech students from all over Europe, to come to Amsterdam for 3 days, attend eWeek, learn from accomplished speakers, meet Amsterdam's buzzing tech scene and connect with your brightest, most tech-savvy peers that we like to call... the Next Gen.
Get it? :)

The coolest part? A selection of tech companies, based in Amsterdam, will open their doors to you and share insights on some of their most fascinating projects. So if you're curious about the inner workings of 
or Mollie Payments, don't wait up and apply!

but first..


Next Gen is meant for local and international students in tech-related studies
What do we mean by "tech-related"? 

Everything from Computer Sciences, AI and Machine Learning to Digital Design and Mathematics. 
Ideally, you are in the last 2 years of your studies or have graduated in the past 12 months.

To take part in Next Gen, you have to apply and go through a selection procedure. If you’re selected, you get a unique chance to meet senior software engineers and designers, connect with fellow tech students, expand your network and make the first steps towards your career in the tech sector! All that for€35!

Next Gen will take place from Tuesday evening, October 4th, until Friday afternoon, October 6th 2017. 
The program is being fine-tuned as we speak, but here's a little preview. 

You will:

Meet fellow students and Amsterdam’s tech companies over drinks
Get to peek under the hood of global tech giants based in Amsterdam
Participate in 3 workshops and expertise sessions at our partners' headquarters  
Listen to interactive keynotes given by four E-week speakers

eWeek is a week-long festival with a range of conferences, workshops, walk-ins, dinners, networking events, meet-ups, and parties that are organised throughout Amsterdam for online business, media, marketing and technology sectors. 
Find this year's program by clicking here.

We know Amsterdam hotels aren't cheap. 
We are looking into several possibilities to arrange your stay, especially if you're not from the Netherlands. 
In the meantime, check out this page for stay recommendations.

Special offer for students who are based in Amsterdam: become a "BUDDY"! 
Offer accommodation to a fellow tech student outside of NL and get a FREE ticket!

Worth noting...
While your stay can be arranged by the BUDDY system, 
the travel expenses to and in Amsterdam are on you ;)

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